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   Oracle OCP 11g 10g, 9i DBA & Developer Braindumps

    Oracle Certification Braindumps
  1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL 1Z0-007
  1Z0-030 Oracle9i: New Features for Administrators 1Z0-030
  1Z0-031 Oracle9i:Database Fundamentals I 1Z0-031
  1Z0-032 Oracle9i:Database Fundamentals II 1Z0-032
  1Z0-033 Oracle9i:Performance Tunning 1Z0-033
  1Z0-035 Oracle 7.3 & 8 to Oracle9i DBA OCP Upgrade 1Z0-035
  1Z0-036 Managing Oracle 9i on Linux 1Z0-036
  1Z0-040 Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators 1Z0-040
  1Z0-041 Oracle Database 10g: DBA Assessment 1Z0-041
  1Z0-042 Oracle Database 10g: Administration I 1Z0-042
  1Z0-043 Oracle Database 10g: Administration II 1Z0-043
  1Z0-045 Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Oracle8i OCPs 1Z0-045
  1Z0-046 Oracle Database 10g: Managing Oracle on Linux for DBA 1Z0-046
  1Z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert 1Z0-047
  1Z0-048 Oracle Database 10g R2: Administering RAC 1Z0-048
  1Z0-050 Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators 1Z0-050
  1Z0-051 Oracle Database 11g : SQL Fundamentals I 1Z0-051
  1Z0-052 Oracle Database 11g: Administration I 1Z0-052
  1Z0-053 Oracle Database 11g: Administration II 1Z0-053
  1Z0-054 Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning 1Z0-054
  1Z0-055 Oracle Database 11g: New Features for 9i OCPs 1Z0-055
  1Z0-058 Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g Release 2 and Grid Infrastructure Administration 1Z0-058
  1Z0-102 Oracle Weblogic Server 11g: System Administration I 1Z0-102
  1Z0-108 Oracle WebLogic Server 10g System Administration 1Z0-108
  1Z0-109 Oracle WebLogic Server 10g Developer 1Z0-109
  1Z0-140 Oracle9i Forms Developer: New Features 1Z0-140
  1Z0-141 Oracle9i Forms Developer: Build Internet Applications 1Z0-141
  1Z0-144 Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL 1Z0-144
  1Z0-146 Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL 1Z0-146
  1Z0-147 Oracle 9i: Program with PL/SQL 1Z0-147
  1Z0-200 Oracle 11i E-Business Essentials 1Z0-200
  1Z0-202 Siebel 8 Consultant Exam 1Z0-202
  1Z0-204 Oracle EBS R12: E-Business Essentials 1Z0-204
  1Z0-207 Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management: Pricing 1Z0-207
  1Z0-208 Oracle Comm. Billing & Revenue Mgmt: Server Developer 1Z0-208
  1Z0-209 Oracle Comm. Billing & Revenue Management: Server Administrator 1Z0-209
  1Z0-211 Oracle 11i General Ledger 1Z0-211
  1Z0-212 Oracle Payables 11i Fudamentals 1Z0-212
  1Z0-213 Oracle Receivables 11i Fundamentals 1Z0-213
  1Z0-215 Oracle E-Business Suite R12: General Ledger and Payables Fundamentals 1Z0-215
  1Z0-216 Oracle E-Business Suite R12: General Ledger and Receivables Fundamentals 1Z0-216
  1Z0-218 PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 HRMS Fundamentals 1Z0-218
  1Z0-219 Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 8 Business Analyst 1Z0-219
  1Z0-221 Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals 1Z0-221
  1Z0-222 Oracle Purchasing 11i Fundamentals 1Z0-222
  1Z0-223 Oracle Order Management 11i Fundamentals 1Z0-223
  1Z0-225 Oracle EBS R12: Inventory and Purchasing Fundamentals 1Z0-225
  1Z0-226 Oracle EBS R12: Inventory and Order Management Fundamentals 1Z0-226
  1Z0-228 PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 General Ledger 1Z0-228
  1Z0-231 Oracle 11i/2.6 Implementing Workflow 1Z0-231
  1Z0-232 Oracle 11i System Administration (New) 1Z0-232
  1Z0-233 Oracle 11i Install, Patch and Maintain Applications 1Z0-233
  1Z0-235 Oracle 11i Applications DBA: Fundamentals I 1Z0-235
  1Z0-236 Oracle 11i Applications DBA Fundamentals II 1Z0-236
  1Z0-238 Oracle EBS R12: Install, Patch and Maintain Applications 1Z0-238
  1Z0-241 PeopleSoft Application Developer I: PeopleTools & PeopleCode 1Z0-241
  1Z0-242 PeopleSoft Application Developer II: Application Engine & Integration 1Z0-242
  1Z0-255 Hyperion Essbase 7.1.2 Consultant 1Z0-255
  1Z0-257 Hyperion Financial Management4.1 Consultant 1Z0-257
  1Z0-259 Hyperion Planning 4.1 Consultant 1Z0-259
  1Z0-262 Hyperion Planning 4.1 Administrator 1Z0-262
  1Z0-263 Hyperion System 9 BI+ 9.0 Administrator 1Z0-263
  1Z0-264 Hyperion Essbase Analytics 9.3 Developer 1Z0-264
  1Z0-265 Hyperion System 9 BI+ 9.3 Administrator 1Z0-265
  1Z0-271 Hyperion Financial Management 9.3 Administrator I & II 1Z0-271
  1Z0-272 Hyperion Planning 9.3 Administrator I & II 1Z0-272
  1Z0-273 Hyperion Financial Management 4.1 Administrator I & II 1Z0-273
  1Z0-301 Oracle9iAS: Basic Administrations 1Z0-301
  1Z0-311 Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I 1Z0-311
  1Z0-312 Oracle Application Server 10g:Administration II 1Z0-312
  1Z0-402 Oracle Enterprise Linux: Fundamentals 1Z0-402
  1Z0-403 Enterprise Linux System Administration 1Z0-403
  1Z0-450 Oracle Application Express 3.2: Developing Web Applications 1Z0-450
  1Z0-451 Oracle SOA Foundation Practitioner 1Z0-451
  1Z0-501 Java Certified Programmer 1Z0-501
  1Z0-514 Oracle Database 11g Essentials 1Z0-514
  1Z0-515 Data Warehousing 11g Essentials 1Z0-515
  1Z0-516 Oracle EBS R12.1 General Ledger Essentials 1Z0-516
  1Z0-517 Oracle EBS R12.1 Payables Essentials 1Z0-517
  1Z0-518 Oracle EBS R12.1 Receivables Essentials 1Z0-518
  1Z0-519 Oracle EBS R12.1 Inventory Essentials 1Z0-519
  1Z0-520 Oracle EBS R12.1 Purchasing Essentials 1Z0-520
  1Z0-521 Oracle EBS R12.1 Order Management Essentials 1Z0-521
  1Z0-522 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management 9.0 Essentials 1Z0-522
  1Z0-523 Oracle Application Grid Essentials 1Z0-523
  1Z0-525 Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 7.9.6 for ERP Essentials 1Z0-525
  1Z0-526 Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation 10.1.3 Essentials 1Z0-526
  1Z0-527 Oracle CRM On Demand Essentials 1Z0-527
  1Z0-530 Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Essentials 1Z0-530
  1Z0-531 Oracle Essbase 11 Essentials 1Z0-531
  1Z0-532 Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials 1Z0-532
  1Z0-533 Oracle Hyperion Planning 11 Essentials 1Z0-533
  1Z0-535 Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Certified Implementation Specialist 1Z0-535
  1Z0-536 Oracle Exadata 11g Essentials 1Z0-536
  1Z0-539 Oracle GoldenGate 10 Essentials 1Z0-539
  1Z0-540 Oracle VM 2 for x86 Essentials 1Z0-540
  1Z0-541 Oracle WebCenter 11g Essentials 1Z0-541
  1Z0-542 Oracle Enterprise Content Management Essentials 1Z0-542
  1Z0-545 Identity Administration and Analytics 11g Essentials 1Z0-545
  1Z0-548 Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Human CapitalManagement Essentials 1Z0-548
  1Z0-550 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9 Configurable Network Computing Essentials 1Z0-550
  1Z0-554 Oracle Application Development Framework Essentials 1Z0-554
  1Z0-560 Oracle Unified Business Process Management Suite 11g Essentials 1Z0-560
  1Z0-569 Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Essentials 1Z0-569
  1Z0-615 Siebel 7.7 Consultant Core Exam 1Z0-615
  1Z0-620 Siebel 7.7 Analytics App. Developer Professional Core Exam 1Z0-620
  1Z0-630 Siebel7.7 Analytics Server Architect Professional Core Exam 1Z0-630
  1Z0-640 Siebel 7.7 Analytics Data Warehouse Developer Professional Core Exam 1Z0-640
  1Z0-850 Java Standard Edition 5 and 6, Certified Associate Exam 1Z0-850
  1Z0-851 Java Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional Exam 1Z0-851
  1Z0-852 Java Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional Upgrade Exam 1Z0-852
  1Z0-853 Java Standard Edition 5 Programmer Certified Professional Exam 1Z0-853
  1Z0-854 Java Standard Edition 5 Programmer Certified Professional Upgrade Exam 1Z0-854
  1Z0-858 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Web Component Developer Certified Professional Exam 1Z0-858
  1Z0-859 ava Enterprise Edition 5 Web Component Developer Certified Professional Upgrade Exam 1Z0-859
  1Z0-860 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Business Component Developer Certified Professional Exam 1Z0-860
  1Z0-861 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Business Component Developer Certified Professional Upgrade Exam 1Z0-861
  1Z0-862 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Web Services Developer Certified Professional Exam 1Z0-862
  1Z0-863 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Web Services Developer Certified Professional Upgrade Exam 1Z0-863
  1Z0-864 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam (Step 1 of 3) 1Z0-864
  1Z0-868 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Upgrade Exam 1Z0-868
  1Z0-869 Java Mobile Edition 1 Mobile Application Developer Certified Professional Exam 1Z0-869
  1Z0-870 MySQL 5 Certified Associate Exam 1Z0-870
  1Z0-871 MySQL 5 Developer Certified Professional Exam, Part I 1Z0-871
  1Z0-872 MySQL 5 Developer Certified Professional Exam, Part II 1Z0-872
  1Z0-873 MySQL 5 Database Administrator Certified Professional Exam, Part I 1Z0-873
  1Z0-874 MySQL 5 Database Administrator Certified Professional Exam, Part II 1Z0-874
  1Z0-876 Oracle Solaris Certified Associate Exam 1Z0-876
  1Z0-877 Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam, Part I 1Z0-877
  1Z0-878 Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam, Part II 1Z0-878
  1Z0-879 Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Upgrade Exam 1Z0-879
  1Z0-880 Oracle Solaris 10 Network Administrator Certified Expert Exam 1Z0-880
  1Z0-881 Oracle Solaris 10 Security Administrator Certified Expert Exam 1Z0-881
  1Z0-884 Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.2 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam 1Z0-884
  1Z0-897 Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 Web Services Developer Certified Expert Exam 1Z0-897
  1Z0-898 Java EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer Certified Expert Exam 1Z0-898
  1Z0-899 Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert Exam 1Z0-899




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